Accounting Services

We offer a wide variety of accounting services in Macomb County. Whether you’re a single taxpayer looking for help filing your taxes, or a large corporation that requires maintaining complicated records, we are sure to have a service for you!

Personal and Corporate Tax Returns

Tax season tends to be a stressful time of year for both individuals and businesses alike, but it doesn’t have to be. With the ever changing laws that come into play for tax filing, it is easy to make mistakes. One wrong answer can mean less money for you, or worse, can get you into trouble with the government. Let us take the burden of filing taxes off your shoulders. We are the foremost experts in the field. We will do your return correctly, while making sure you keep the most money possible.


We understand you have a busy schedule. Maintaining your books can be labor intensive and time consuming. At Central Accounting Services we help you with the organization of your bookkeeping and day to day tasks so that you can focus your energy on more pressing matters.


Don’t waste your time on monotonous payroll tasks. We will help you set up a system that will allow your employees to track time efficiently. Then we will set up payroll that allows timely processing and accurate tax return documentation.

Tax Projection

Tax planning is one of the most important things you can do as an individual or business. At Central Accounting Services, we go above and beyond simply filing your taxes by proactively recommending tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. We live and breathe tax law, and we know every secret to ensure you pay the lowest amount of taxes that are required by law.

New Business Consultation

Getting your accounting practices set up correctly from the start is one of the most important and beneficial decisions you can make as a new business. Filing your business paperwork correctly and tracking your expenses will not only make your efforts required for tax filing a breeze, it will also ensure you aren’t wasting valuable money needed to grow your business. We care about you and your new venture, and we will make sure to set you up on the road for success when it comes to your accounting procedures.