At Central Accounting Services, we have four decades of experience under our belt. We have been part of the ever-changing world of financial accounting for a long time, and we keep up to date on all the latest rules and regulations. We handle both corporate and personal accounts. Whether you are a single taxpayer looking for a company to help you file your end of year taxes, a start up in need of financial advice to set up your business, or a well-established company needing assistance maintaining your books, Central Accounting Services is the company for you!

Our goal at Central Accounting services is to help individuals and businesses alike with accounting services in Southeast Michigan. We aim to first help you with your long-term survival and ability to maintain profits over time. Once we have this piece in place, our next step is to help you achieve your profit goals for the future.

When you hire Central Accounting Services, you aren’t just hiring an accountant - you are hiring a trusted advisor. We will be there to listen to your worries and needs, and we will come up with a financial plan that targets every bullet point. We strive to provide service that exceeds expectations. If you experience a financial emergency after hours, we will be available to take your call.

We offer a wide variety of financial services that include personal and corporate tax, payroll, bookkeeping, and strategizing for new businesses. We offer competitive rates in exchange for exceptional service. Our reputation as a leading accounting firm with the best customer service is what has allowed us to stay in business since 1980.

If you’re looking for a accounting service in Macomb County, give us a call today. Whatever your financial accounting needs, Central Accounting Services is the company for you!